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Feb 2011: Checkout my turbine powered ultralight helicopter!

June 2008: Watch me start my gas turbine just engine

Photo of my Aventura amphibian here

April 4th, 2004, Grants Pass, Oregon, USA = Land of the free, home of the brave:

Flight #24, Larrys Turboprop Ultralight meets RV6!

The latest photo of my engine:

I trailered over to my field and assembled the plane in about 20 minutes. Walk around at 1pm. Perfect weather. Engine started OK. 1pm. I took off south from the 9th tee. Climbed to 3000 MSL (2000 AGL). 15 miles to Grants Pass airport. Entered left hand traffic on a 45 at 1600 MSL (500 AGL) down wind for runway three zero, then left base, and final. Taxied over to the Jet-A pump and shut her down. I totally love the sound of the engine spooling down. And it always draws a small crowd. And the neatest part of all this is that I get to meet other pilots and people from the area. Last week I met a professional welder and he gave me some great pointers on welding aluminum - which I'll be using on my new hub.

On this flight today I met a guy with a RV6! And he showed me all the cool things about it. He's got it going over 200 MPH!!!

And here he is at the end of the field going UP!

I was so excited I didn't think to get his name.

James had filled my 5 gallon tank up with Jet-A while I was getting the RV6 tour and drinking my soda. It took 2.38 gallons. Got the photos. Ready to head home. The engine started easy (using bicycle pump). Taxied to run-up-area (forgot to anounce I was going to taxi --- argh), no traffic, announced taking active runway three zero for take off. Climed to 3000 headed west to Robinson Bridge then south, then east along 99 and located Dean and Beckys new house with my Garmin eMap! Ground speed about 65mph. I would not have been able to find it without the waypoint already entered. Turned south and headed right home. Flew over the applegate golf course, over the river, then U-turn over my house, back over the river, dive in over the trees, landed heading north, taxied to the 9th tee and shut 'er down. I love the sound of a turbine winding down. SHSHSHSHSHsssshhhhhhheeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrsssss-sha.

A man playing golf stopped his game at the 9th tee to come over and say he saw and heard me fly over and just wanted to tell me how cool it looked and sounded.

Another great day.

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PS. I'm still looking for a fan to replace my 68" propeller with. I can turn it 14,000 RPM if I remove the second planetary gear. Update 2007: I discovered a 72" Ivo 3 blade prop produces more static thrust, up to 310 pounds. I'm working on making a dynometer so I can figure out where the HP is. I'm confused with my test results. More pitch doesn't give me more static thrust, but more diameter does, ... um, is this why helicopters have very large diameter? duh?

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