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Our rPlug - is yet another new plug for yet another new Garmin GPS they call "RINO".

BTW: rino is not Rhino, and Garmen is spelled Garmin not Garman. But it's OK because no matter how you spell it you're in the right place to get a plug for it.

Status: March 2006: There's been a new increased interest in our "r" rPlug! Maybe because Garmin has several new way cool Rino models?

Here is a list of Pfrancs around the world who have some Garmin rino connectors in stock - and they'll send you one for just a pledge!, click here: Garmin RINO plug.

Our friends in Japan have made this wonderful web page that shows how to make a cable with our rPlug:
How to make a Garmin rino cable (rCable), by JF8WAV. For your Garmin rino GPS.

I think the rino is a great product. Hey, we ought to like things that can actually save someones life, you know?

Status September 2003: Sample rino connectors are ready to try. I'm not happy with the way the pins fit and the mold does not eject the parts well enough to run it in auto mode yet so I have to stop the machine, open it up and pull the parts from the mold on every shot. I'll try to improve the mold as I can but I'm not sure anyone cares as I've had very few requests for this plug!

Here are some photos of our new Garmin plug for the rino-110 and rino-120:

I'll add the pinout here someday, and ideas for making rino cables. If you have anything, please send to me.

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