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You know, the most visitors I get (about 1,000 per day now) are finding my page HERE .
My main passion and project is now: Ultralight HELICOPTERS -and- TURBINE engines! The easiest way to see what I'm up to is to:
Google: larrys jet -or- larrys turbine -or- larryCanFly

My turbine is a page with info specific to my favorite gas turbine engine.

June 2009, I received an email saying:
"I used one of your videos to reinforce to my kids how patience, never quitting, and working hard pay off ---it's all because you stated you've been working on it for over 10 years. The funicular is also a neat item that you've worked on for years. My kids thought they were cool things--and it helped reinforce a positive lesson."
I say: Thats great to hear - your very kind comments REINFORCE me! I think it's good for kids to have dreams and goals. I've dreamed of flying like a bird since I was 6, now I'm 60, and finally after a lifetime of dreaming, saving, and working at it, my dreams are coming true: flying my own helicopter from my own land.! See: youtube.com/LarryCanFly, thanks!

June 2008, checkout my new Youtube video:Starting my engine with Lithum Polymer battery

What's new: July 31st,2007, yikes another year has gone by. Todays question: Can I reduce the weight of my ultralight by replacing the 3 pound 5 gallon plastic fuel tank with a fuel cell (rubber bladder?)? I found a company on-line that says: "If you are just thinking about fuel cells for your project, we can give you some ideas to get you started. Call on us to get it done right the first time." Wow, ... I'll call tomorrow! This sticker has been in the window of my gas-turbine-turboprop-amphibious-ultralight-aircraft since Sun-n-Fun 2005. I'll update this page tomorrow with the answer to my super-lightweight-5-gallon-jet-fuel-tank question. Answer: "No"... it was a pretty dumb question. 3 pounds is not very much. The folks at Eagle Fuel Cells (800-437-8732) were just great and very helpful but they make serious fuel cells for serious applications like military helicopters! My application is just too off the charts strange - geesh, you'd think I'd have figured this out by now. ... it's lonely being out over the edge all the time.

News: Sept 27th 2006, ... first flight of gas turbine turboprop amphibous ultralight from (and to) the river that flows through Pfrancdom was a total success! Sorry no video of the plane yet, but here's an old video taken by Larry, Pfranc of NY, of me starting the engine INDOORS!:

It was a beautiful perfect landing - from the left (west) with touchdown right about where the nose is pointing. (and just to the left behind those trees lives Pepper. Pepper loves flying and let me cut down a bunch of her trees so I'd have a little more room. I'm sure glad I got a couple of hours of water landing training flights in Florida a few months ago. Also, talking with other Aventura UL owners on-line helped a lot! (see - I'm crazy but not stupid - yet anyway.)

News: Sept 8th 2006, I took off from the river that flows past my home here in the woods of Oregon in my new amphibious ultralight aircraft with gas turbine turbo-prop jet engine attached (click here for photos), wow because I didn't mean to take off! I landed - in the river - AND both me and the aircraft are OK!!! I did not intend on flying that day, ugh. I was not ready and the plane was not ready by a long shot! I just wanted to learn how to step taxi and navigate in the river. I had only 1250 feet of narrow tree lined river between rapids and rocks and I used it ALL! And more than half of that was in the air. One take-off (by mistake) and two landings, the first was a big very scary bounce, but I got the nose down avoiding a stall and managed to set her back down into the water and stop before hitting the rocks! Whew - man, that was fun.

Maybe I can excape winning the Darwin Award after all since I'm really old and had a vasectomy? Maybe not. Or maybe us old guys get a free pass to do really stupid things and get away with it? Or maybe hours of water landing training in Florida last year and a hundred hours flying ultralights over the last 20 years helped too? --- I'm not braggin' on you I'm just trying to say to you: don't try this at home, like the MythBusters say "We are professionals, we know what we are doing ...". It just doesn't seem fair, some people get away with doing totally crazy things while others end up hurt or dead just crossing the street. I get away with being nuts (so far anyway) but that doesn't mean you can - well unless you are really old and shooting blanks.

I get email from kids all the time asking "larry help me build a jet engine ....." and my answer, if I answer at all, is always; "get your dad or a relative to help". I'll talk to dad's helping their kids with a father-son project - but not the kids.

News: May 2005, I finally put a brake on my propeller and it worked! It's a HAYES disc brake made for a bicycle and it stops my 72 inch diameter IVO 3 blade prop on my 86HP gas turbine engine. How strange is this? More about my prop brake here.

News: 10/04; Another amazing flight in another L-29, this time for free! AND, I got to sit in the front seat, start the engine, and piloted it for two hours! Two takeoffs, two landings, a loop, a bunch of rolls, from here to Camarillo,California with Scott!

News: On June 30th, 2004 I piloted a military jet! A L-29 Delfin. Jack Kilpatrick owns it (and he also owns the Redding Jet Center). He let me fly it for 55 minutes! I did a LOOP, a 5.5G turn, 5 rolls, and went over 400 miles per hour! He did the first landing to show me how and then let me take it around the pattern and land it!!! I recorded the track on my Garmin geko 301! The loop confused it! (more>>here)

Homemade FUNICULAR down to the river, (AKA lift, elevator, moving deck)... spell FUN - I - C - U - LAR(ry)

My Larrys Homemade 2.4 inch Turbo charger based Gas Turbine Jet Engine . ... it worked!

My factory made 85 horse power Gas Turbine Engine. ... which I want to put on my ultralight. --- On 5/17/03 I started the engine the first time while attached to my modified GT-280 (same as GT-400) with HiMax wings! Today I'm working on the PWM Atmel AVR throttle control FADIC.

I've always wanted to design, build, and fly jet aircraft!

-- so finally I did.

I started flying ultralight aircraft in 1986. By 2003 I finished my gas turbine turboprop ultralight and flew it! Yeah! Me. Stupid, poor, larry.

So far everyone seems to like hearing and seeing it.

Next step - Amphibious turboprop ultralight! I bought a Aventura UL 11/04 and plan on flying it from the factory in Florida across the USA to my home in Oregon before March 2005. I'll use a 447 or equiv. Update: It didn't happen. The plane wasn't ready when we got there and just as well because I wasn't either so we trailered it all the way home. Total trip time: 40 days, and over 8000 miles. I did get some water landing training while in Florida, met some great people (wish I had contact info) and we took our time and saw the USA, even New Orleans - before Katrina! Yeah, most of the time life sucks, but sometimes it's really cool. And you really never know when it might be until it is.

Next dream = FANJET Amphibious ultralight: Fanjet UL.

04-April-2004: (PHOTOS) Flight #24 Turboprop Ultralight meets RV6.

21-Oct-2003: Flight #20. Flew turboprop to airport, got free ride to Medford and back in a new 172.

18-Oct-2003: Aborted due to high winds. It was a very bad day. See USUA.ORG ---- 2 die in ultralight crash.

14-Oct-2003: (PHOTOS) Turboprop ultralight meets Lear Jet! Flight #19.

9/11 2003: I flew my gas-turbine turboprop ultralight 41.7 miles today. Hey, it sounds cool! Flight #14. (skipped #13)

4-June-3: Am I a jet aircraft designer, builder, and test pilot? - yeah right. Flight #4.

Larry's old Ultralight on floats in larrys lake many years ago.

The Doyle letter:

November 2004. The first time I read this old photocopy of this old letter I thought it was a joke, but it was no joke. Turned out to be very real, and amazing, and really makes you think about what it must have been like back then, when men were fighting for the USA. I'm talking about this form letter from about 1944. I transcribed it so you can see what I mean. The words in CAPS were the filled in fields. I'm doing this for my across-the-river-neighbor, (10/7/1923) 81 year old Helen Jacqueline (Pepper) Janicki, Cleveland Ohio, Las Vegas, Grants Pass Oregon, in honor of her late husband Earl Benjamen Janicki who was a Navy pilot in air group eleven in "the big one" WWII, Pacific. I noticed one of the other groups had an Admirl McCain in charge so thinking maybe he was related to John McCain I sent an email to the US Senator, and I got this email back!
Mar 1 2005 - 3:44pm

Mr. Berg, 

Thanks for the email to the Senator concerning the letter
from the Hornet. The Senator did confirm that the 
Vice Admiral on the Wasp was his dad. 

Wow, how cool is that? ... An now, here is the letter. I wonder if Senator McCain actually looked at it, how cool would that be? I wonder if his dad wrote letters to his men like this one?
To the Pilots of Air Group [ ELEVEN ]:

   1.  I am sorry that weather and 
other circumstances have prevented me from
talking to you before you go into 
action for the first time as the [ HORNET AIR
GROUP ].  I am sending you this message 
instead with the hope that it may be of
assistance to you in your operations 
of the next three weeks.

   2.  You have not had a proper 
shake-down in group operations from a 
carrier. You know it, the ship knows it, 
and indeed, the whole Task Force knows it.
 However, I have satisfied myself 
that you can take off and land on 
baord safely and can assure you 
that you will not, in your present 
state of training, be called
upon to do more than you are able to do.

   3.  I have no doubts concerning 
your ability to do a good job against the
Japs when airborne.  You have been 
well trained and have a sufficient 
nucleus of experienced pilots to 
keep you out of serious trouble.

   4.  Remember that everyone in
the Task Force is watching you. 
 Maintain good radio discpline.  
Stick with your flight leaders.  
Do not waist time over the
target.  Return to the ship promptly.  
If you get into trouble, state your 
difficulties quietly and calmly 
and give the ship a chance to figure 
out how to help you.  Remember 
that we have had lots of experience.

   5.  Don't forget that we are 
thinking about you all the time 
and trying to anticipate your needs.  
Keep us informed. 

   6.  The [HORNET ]  wishes each 
of you the best of luck.  WE are 
confident of your ability to do 
a good job.  We wish we were up with you. 

                  A. K. DOYLE

Pepper is alive and well - AND has running water now after doing without for over a year, fetching water from the river! Thanks to a very generous local well drilling company, Quinns Well Drilling! ... Bob Quinn and his team are "the greatest!". He gave her a well worth about $7,000 --- FOR FREE!!!! Totally free. ---- GOD bless you Bob Quinn ----

  • Update: On10/05/2009, Pepper died, at her home. Born (10/7/1923). Please contact me if you are related to Earl or Pepper.
    I was helping Pepper for about 10 years with my pages here 
    trying to help her connect with friends from the past.  I was
    her (her Google man).  She'd call all almost everyday
    and ask me to search for things, it was kind of fun.  I had a 
    page that listed lots of information so it could be found by
    people googling "pepper" or themsleves.   So when
    she died, I continued using the page to mabye help her still.
    My error was not remembering that most people value their privacy and
    sure don't need me publishing everything I learn about them,
    or Pepper -  regardless if I think it would help find more good information
    for Pepper.  She's gone and so I have to think of all her
    friends and relatives now.  And do what I can for them.
    But I finally figured out that this is not cool.  The people who can
    help her now, like her sister, and her sisters attorney, and Earls
    relatives (even though they gave me permission), most
    likely would like privacy, ... I would.  So unless there is
    information you wish me to publish, and ask me to,
    I'll assume you would not, and I won't.
    Oh, one more thing! Pepper lived like a pauper, she smelled and
    looked, and lived like a homless baglady in a falling down dump.
    Several people could see beyond it all and helped her the 
    best they could with no expectation of any return, actually
    they helped knowing it could come back at them in a negative way.
    It turns out she
    had over $3 million cash and US savings bonds 
    hidden in the house, over $1.2 million in bank accounts around town, and
    realestate in 3 states worth many more $Millions.  Total: About $8 million,
    estimate $6 million after taxes and expenses.
    --- surprise!
    She left no will, no kids, only hier is an older sister with alhzmires in Ohio - that we know of.
    If you have a claim against her estate, a 4 month clock is running.
    You must contact her attorney before times up.  The clock started May 1st!
    Mayday!  Mayday!  So deadline is what?  July 1st?  2010.
    --- mybest, larry, 5/19/2010.

  • IPO: 7Jan96