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28-Jan-2011. Strange, no updates to this page for 7 years? We're still sending plugs for a pledge. People are still really happy and surprised and honoring their pledges! But yeah, down from 120/day to 0.05/day or less. At first I didn't update because I was too busy with the success of the Pfranc idea. Heck we've made almost a million plugs. Then I didn't update because - um, ... I don't know. There was so much to say, good stuff, but it was not clear that anyone cared. There was never, in 14 years, a request for updates ... sooooo... you know, - I was doing this because I thought someone cared, - maybe I was wrong. I hate being wrong. - larry,

June 29, 2004

> ------------------------------
> Payment Details:
> ------------------------------
> Total Amount: $15.00 USD
> Currency: U.S. Dollars
> Transaction ID: 7UE57853RV6257203
> Quantity: 1
> Item Title: Honor a Pfranc pledge or pre-pay/honor for Pfranc service.
> Item Number: From Pfranc page, style1 ver:10-15-2001
> Buyer: Robert Greene
> Message:
> Here an extra $5 dollars for a self imposed late fee. Thanks for the quick
> delivery.  What an awesome business/lifestyle.

Hmmm, a lot has happened since October 2001... the 4th and 5th world Pfranc meetings, etc...

October 2001 The Third world Pfranc meeting was June 23rd, 2001 in Zimbabwe. More about it is: here.

Jan 2001 Another amazing Pfranc story. We got a request for light blue clear ePlugs from Japan. I located some baby blue glow-in-the-dark powder in Singapore that may work with the clear ABS resin I have. Our Pfranc in Singapore will drive downtown to ( link to "the shop" in Singapor is gone! ) this weekend, check it out, buy some and send it to me here in the Pacific Northwest. I'll try a run and if it looks good, will send semi-clear-baby-blue-glow-in-the-dark ePlugs to our Pfranc in Japan so he can fill a pledge. Is this support or what? It's Pfranc support! (Also, we continue to get more old pledges honored, some many years "late". It's never too late for honor. Thank you all!).

May 2000 I have to tell you about this. One purpose of this project, and a reason I keep doing it, is to prove a theory I have about people. It is this: Most people are cool. Yup, pretty simple. Well today I got a letter from France. We've had many people honor their pledges pretty late before but this is one has set a new record. He writes: "Dear Sir, Thank you very much for the Garmin GPS plug we've ordered 3 years ago. I know this is a very very long delay for a payment, but it's a long story ... If you need anything from France, please tell. P.S. If you come to France, Mail us, you'll be welcome." He enclosed $15 US cash! I am right. People are cool. And it's never too late for honor!

Feb 2000 60,000 sent! We are still growing about 8% every month! I'm still amazed after 4 years of doing this. We have 54 pfrancs in 36 countries, with stock! Japan loves the purple ones! Angus, Pfranc of the UK, is very active too Pfranc Angus, check it out!

August 1999, Murphy Oregon USA: When I made the mold in '96 I thought the world would want a grand total of maybe 500 so I made 500. Guess I was wrong. We've shipped over 45,000 so far. (update 2011 - almost a million!)

How to get a connector for your Garmin GPS

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