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June 1998, Murphy Oregon USA: I'm at a loss for words, well not totally. With 63 Pfrancs in 32 countries counting Poland who joined this week and did another translation for us so now people can read about my connector in 10 languages! Pfrancs help me fulfill "the purpose" (which is: "to get my connector to you fast and easy") we have sent out into the world of Garmin GPS owners, are you sitting down? ... over 20,000 connectors! Woha, enough words, gota go make more connectors!

September 1997 ...Hard to believe, I used to report status here about every day! Scroll down and see! Here it is over 6 months with no status report. I blame the Pfrancs. They do all the "work" now and I just make connectors and send them to 26 countries now! 10,000 GPS connectors have been made in my home-made mold! This is amazing to me! And now we have purple connectors that are really purple, not black. More plans for the first world Pfranc meeting in Feburary in Aruba. Angus Pinkerton, Pfranc of the UK, will visit Purple (here, Oregon, USA), again, next month, this time with wife and kids. I still don't have my ultralight ready.

10FEB97 ... We ship 5 days a week! Everyday, everywhere. Pfranc Angus of the UK delivered pledge money and single malt to us ... in person! Go see story here. Pfranc Joe of NY (first US Pfranc) has used up his first 22 connectors already and offered to pay Purple with a Visa card so to keep supplies flowing without delay. Great idea! Basically Pfrancs are simply repeat customers of Purple who share the idea of customer service and the POP. Purple is a Pfranc. You could be a Pfranc too. Since Joe joined, the US Pfranc team is now 6 strong with Joe, Mike, Kevin, Rp, Fred, and me serving the USA coast to coast. Thank you everyone for your super pledge payments, letters, coffee cups, post-cards, ..... I'll miss it when soon the Pfrancs will have all the fun. I'll have to go to work on POP #2.

23JAN97 ...Happy New Year! Pfranc Angus Pinkerton of Scotland is due to be here this evening for a visit. Shipping? You bet! Everyday! It just keeps growing and growing. In the last 5 days we mailed 48 packages to pledgers, not counting Pfrancs! More than 9 per day average. And most people ask for 2 connectors. A new Pfranc! Pfranc Joe of NY (as in New York, .... a state of America on the east coast) Joe is the first US Pfranc. Another first! I can use the help. Welcome aboard Joe. All we need now is some pledges from NY so we can dazzle them with amazing fast service thanks to Pfrancs and the US postal service.

12/11/96 ... Wow, 2 months have passed. Look what Ardel packed in today's mail to pledgers!
My new right angle "cap". I finally got my Casio QV-10 digital camera back from Casio repair yesterday, so ... to the left, a "thumb nail" photo. Get it? Click here to see old photos of mold. You can't see it but in the center is a screw hole for my new #2 x 1/2 inch screw that holds all 3 parts together. Let me know if this page is loading too slow, I'll make a new page if need be. We have shipped 152 packages of connectors to pledges and Pfrancs since my last status report below 10/23. South Africa, Pfranc Kalle is really busy getting ready to sell Garmins and will be making cables for his customers using my connector. He has been so interested, I actually cleaned up the mold some. It is starting to look almost "professional" ... yuk. Pfranc Jose in Portugal may soon land some volume connector business there. A company in Germany wants me to quote several hundred because Pfranc Hans sent them 2 samples for me, ... is this cool? One guy, me, and his girl, Ardel ( who thinks i'm crazy but works for us anyway ), and the internet, are creating trusting working relationships between people who are creating a new way to transport physical things from my molding machine to you, fast, easy, and almost free.

10/23/96 ... shipped today and 2 days ago Monday but I missed last Friday (first time in months we didn't ship firday), so 18 pkgs since last Wednesday, 5 to Pfrancs! Spain, UK, Portugal, South Africa, and The Netherlands. New things: (e-)letters-to-me, and a Spanish language page. Ya know, Europe is going to explode onto the Internet scene in the next few years!

10/22/96 ... we are at 941, almost at 1,000 parcels shipped since 1/96. Maybe 2,000 connectors, I lost count. Spain is here (franc #12), Spanish page soon, more news than I have time to tell, my QV-10 broke, another coffee cup with two fives, very cool thanks Dudley of National Semiconductor (great company). Hmmmm I guess I better start a coffee cup collection. Might make a fun page. Larry's coffee cup collection. Mr. Berg (no relation I think) says "What a great business idea. I hope you are successful (as you choose to define it!)" ...with $10 to boot. Thanks Mr. B. Oh. Man, KD4PON has paper with the biggest ones on it I have ever seen, wow, thanks Jim. I am forgetting a bunch but, ... its late (again!) and I'm hungry. I added a letters-to-editor page (see link above) and moved a bunch from this page to it.

Sunday, October 06, 1996 ... September saw 85 packages go out and over 1,000 hits on my home page. Big news: ITALY is on board! Pfranc' #11 this is really getting to be fun, man-o-man, that is like a country per month! From zero! This internet thing is cool. I'm learning about the world, communication, and people. Lots of good pfranc' news I want to share ... soon. Anyway, welcome Umberto Mattii from Siena. Thank you for joining the fun team. Your 10 connectors should be there soon and I will start forwarding pledges to you.

Monday, September 09, 1996 ... We have been mailing out connectors every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, almost, I had to make more, again, so this is run #3 on the mold but this time I only did about 300 because it was 2am and I hadn't had dinner. 50 packages sent since last report. Today I got not one but 2 coffee cups (with ten bucks in one ... way to go) they have Lockheed * Boeing F-22 and a silhouette of the F-22 jet fighter on them ... very cool, thanks Chris H. of Dayton! Thanks to everyone for sending your pledges. It is you guys (and 3 gals) that keep this idea going.

Tuesday, August 27, 1996 another week? 13 orders sent Wednesday and 9 yesterday. We got our 6th language today! Fred, our new pfranc for the Netherlands did my GPS order page in Dutch! Wow, the Olympics of home made connector distribution? This is kind of crazy ... but fun and I get up in the morning wondering what will happen next! That is cool.

Wednesday, August 21, 1996Ardel drove 9 pkgs to the post office today, received an update to Dave Becks cool project, pledge payments flow in, ...more later.

Tuesday, August 20, 1996...eeeeh 8 days...sorry,... sent 16 packages the 16th, and 9 yesterday. Forwarded a bunch to Pfrancs. Got an Italian page!! by Lynn, thanks Lynn. I received an e-mail from a cool Garmin GPS owner (almost) in cool Alaska (see Your(e-)mail) Pfranc Ole of Denmark sent me a photo of he and his wife for publication in my Denmark page... , Ole is one amazing guy it turns out, this just goes to show you how cool this world is... see my Denmark page .

Monday, August 12, 1996 ..Last Friday we mailed 15 pkgs all USA because all the non-US orders could be filled by one of my friends in other countries! .... Could it be working? .... Ardel mailed 5 pkgs this morning, 2 to WA and 3 to MA... strange. All the other orders were international and forward-able to one of my pfrancs.

Wednesday, August 07, 1996 I think we will ship more this Friday. We have less than a dozen in the queue. News: YACD (unix talk)... Yet Another Cool Distributor!... can you believe this (my word processor changes believe to believe as I type!) we have now a distributor for the Netherlands, Fred, welcome Fred, your starting inventory was sent last Friday 8/2/96 and I will try and get that page ready for you to translate into Dutch! Hey! Bill Gates doesn't have anything on us (besides a few $billion), at this rate we will have as many languages and distributors for my personal home grown pet project as he does. Just me and Ardel and friends world wide. I made up a word. A new word (as far as I know) for Franchisee distributor, it is "pfranc", what do you think? Dumb? [suggestion box]. One viewer said I should try "Phrancisee" but I want something short for my short fingers to type.

Sunday, July 28, 1996 We shipped 17 packages Thursday because we were having family guests come visit. I added some more pet photos and another Arberg molding machine QV-10 photo to the pages here. Lynn of Glasgow is making me an Italian page. She is an honored world class linguist (I do not deserve this) but you guys do. Thanks to Lynn we all can have a sample of the best.

Tuesday, July 23, 1996, We shipped 19 packages yesterday. Starting inventory to Alex in France, and George in Greece. George said he will mail connectors to Greece, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Cyprus and Egypt, and he said an inventory of 5 will be enough. Ahhh, I sent him 10, just in case we can get more than one request per country, someday, though so far George is right. A cool guy in Sweden reports getting his connector in 7 days from here (USA, west coast). Argentina is a big question mark, so far. We shipped our second order in a month and the first has not arrived. Switzerland is 5 days, again. Lots of pledges pour in, thanks everyone. Oh, I redid the mold, made it better, ... more later.

Thursday, July 18, 1996, Yesterday Ardel took 27 packages to the post office for you guys. Initial inventory for Denmark and Portugal is on its way. OK, now "Hold on to your hat" for you are about to see the best assembly diagram, ever. Dr.Vonesch of Switzerland e-mailed to me this awesome graphic he created to help you guys make a Garmin GPS data/power cable. The doctor has raised the bar.

Monday, July 15, 1996, Dave crashed.

On another front, I have a German language page, and a Portugese one is on the way! Did I forget Denmark? ... how many countries are there? I only have one brain and 10 fingers. We will try and mail more connectors the day after tomorrow ... the 17th, I forwarded a request and pledge in NewZealand dollars to my main Aussie man Brian. Finally, we have been getting lots and lots of pledge payments, you know who you are, ... so thanks to everyone. ... even Christian.

Wednesday, July 10, 1996Ardel took 15 packages to the post office today for you guys. One package had 10 connectors inside for Hans's initial inventory for Germany. The other 14 are on their way to Sweden, Switzerland, Scotland, and the local USA. I forwarded a pledge payment of 20 lunnies to Canada Jack ( we have enough "lunnies" here, as in Disney cartoons ).

This has nothing to do with connectors or GPS's except it helps explain why I have not shipped in a few days. At a forth of July party (started the 3rd and ended the 7th), in the 1.8" TIF screen of my QV-10 camera I saw a deer nibbling this pretty neck so I saved it in 25k of the 2m camera flash memory for you guys. The JPEG here is 18k. Excellent teeth. I don't remember her name.

Friday, July 05, 1996 Lots has happened. We US mailed 17 packages on 6/28 and 11 on 7/3. Pledges are very good and pledge payers are great. You guys are restoring faith in everyone that reads this stuff. We have Jack (our new trusted east Canada distributor) stocked up with connectors so come one you cool guys up there, lets get some pledges. Same for down under! Brian in Australia has his second stocking shipment, all we need is some requests. Europe? Over there? Hans in Germany (he writes and sells cool GPS software) may do Germany for us, we are talking. Would like to have someone in the UK. Our 7/3 "shipment" included Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Scotland. Over 500 packages sent this year and only one is late or lost. It was addressed to xxxxx Parliament Blvd. Woodbridge, VA and the email address was Could it be? (how would you speak the address .... Postmaster two dot d o t dot g o v ??? BTW it was found ...

We plan on shipping more connectors this Friday so get your orders in.

Saturday, June 22, 1996 I received so much cool stuff in the mail today I took a QV-10 photo to share it with everyone.

Thursday, June 20, 1996 We have about 16 pledges since Monday so we will ship them tomorrow. Jack from Ontario is talking about being my Canadian distributor, cool! The goal here is to get a connector to a customer fast and easy, and make it easy for the customer to pay his pledge. A distributor in each country may advance the goal, may not, but it deserves a try.

Monday, June 17, 1996 We shipped 12 packages today, Canada, Germany, Sweden, and our first to Argentina... where have you been Argentina? Mike from VA set a new record by pledging $12 for one connector ... so I sent him 2 just to show him how cool he is. A new Swedish guy pledged to send ALL his US Dollars to me ... this is good, don't worry I won't send all my connectors to Sweden. BTW I broke the mold! ... a part didn't eject right and the next clamp cycle crushed it sideways back into the cavity and smashed the 4 small pins in the "B" side. The good news is I have about 275 made and almost everyone is sending in their pledges. If demand remains I will make a new mold, and make it better this time.

Thursday, June 13, 1996 Ardel shipped 16 packages yesterday, 2 more to Dave of PA who sent $15.00 and asked for 2 more ... thanks Dave. And thanks too to Jack from Canada and I got the cool T-shirt from England! Grant of NM, Danial of TX, Paul of OH,Jud from OK (Oaklahoma), and Capt. Michael, thank you all. GPS owners are definitely cool people.

Friday, June 07, 1996A total of only 11 requests were received since last Friday and were all shipped today. The Garmin GPS owners are definitely in a cool group of humanity, did I already tell you? Everyone, and even a few more, who pledged prior to 5/20 .... almost everyone has paid! Thank you! It speaks volumes about a lot of things, to all of us, about all of us, well at least some of us, heck, I think most of us. On the subject, one e-mail I want to share is from Jack (owner of a True Value Hardware store) writes: " good grief! I completely forgot about the moral issue of sending the check! I was deleting old mail and found this and couldn't find where I'd sent a check. It's going in the mail tomorrow. ... my sincere apologies!" OK, Wow, cool, by the way, I am not the captain of morality, just a reporter, and I am glad, proud, and honored to be able to report to all of you that can hear, that it (morality) is very alive and well in (... almost said America ... no, sorry, ) ... the world! Well done world! Well done humanity. What is different? This is the first time in history that: "All the apples in the barrel can talk to one another." 10/96 LHB.

One last story... Rex said he would only pay $3 and only if it was a quality connector. I e-mailed him back my 2 page long-winded (Deming based) philosophy on quality (don't get me started) and sent a connector with instruction to pay only if it is "quality". He sent a nice letter: "Thank you ... it is indeed a quality connector!"... and five bucks! 60 percent more than his pledge! I guess he "bought" W.E.Deming's "quality" religion where service, availability, functionality, the look, parts, ease of use, the price too is part of the "quality" ... enough Deming? ... sorry.

Monday, June 03, 1996Whoooo, look out Brian! Got our first pledge from "down-under" for your attention. (Brian is the Purple distributor for Australia and New Zealand). A guy named Phil from Sydney asked for 2 connectors and pledged $10 EACH! Wow! What a start for you cool Ausi guys! I don't think Brian has his massive initial inventory (10 connectors) yet but it is "in the mail" and soon we will be working out the kinks of international distribution, communication, and the first sharehardware open project I know of, ... you?

money, money, money makes the .... Got a $10 pledge from England, thanks Steve. Tell me about the cost and trouble to send me a pledge from another country. Would Visa/MC be easier, less expensive? ... I am a Visa/MC merchant and can accept it though I have to give the bank 4%. Got a 5 pound note, very cool, which is worth about $8 USD. OH!, got a new 10 guldens from Amsterdam! Thanks N.R.V! Got 50 Cinquante Francs and have no idea what the conversions is but it is very very cool because it has a story attached and reminds me of a book I must read (The Little Prince) if I can locate it (thanks Gabriel of Rome)

Friday, May 31, 1996 Day before yesterday (Wednesday) we sent 17 packages to 8 countries. One had 10 connectors to Brian in Australia for his initial inventory. So come on you cool GPS owners down under, ask for a connector so we can try out this new cool international distribution system we have set up here. *8-)

Today, we shipped to 6 cool folks. Ardel is not back from town yet so I don't know how many pledge letters we got today. We don't have daily UPS pickup/delivery any more so we have to drive to town to mail stuff.

Tuesday, May 28, 1996 .... Doug R. of Florida reports getting his connector in 3 days! Way to go U.S.Mail!!! Bryan in Australia got his in only 7 days! Look out DHL. Got a bunch of "orders" to enter. Should keep Ardel busy all morning. If nothing comes up, we will ship a bunch tomorrow afternoon. We got pledges the last 3 days from the Yukon, Sweden, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, Canada, IL, CA, CT, WI, TX, BC, and MI. Mr.S.B. from Alabama sent me $10 and he didn't even pledge anything (he was a request prior to the pledge idea).

Saturday, May 25, 1996Glen D. of BC Canada got his connector yesterday (mailed Monday) so that is cool ... US Mail is 4 days to BC. Glen says: "I have my connector , Thanks ! My $ US is off in the mail , drop me a note when you get it. Normally I only get bills in the mail or ads to buy something."......thanks Glen.

Friday, May 24, 1996 Monday we mailed 37 packages, Wednesday 14 and today 9. Got a e-mail from Sam B. of AL (Monday's mail) who says: "Thanks for the connector! I will be sending you a "Thank You" note...". Cool, so US Mail is 4 days from Oregon to Alabama. So far the "notes" I get in the mail have been OK, I think, but, if it is not too much trouble, a check would probably be better, made to Purple Computing is good ...not to worry, I and Purple pay our share (and then some) of taxes.

Monday, May 20, 1996 ... Ardel assembled and shipped 37 packages (one connector in each) today, ... U.K. Australia, Sweden, England, The Netherlands, Canada, Denmark, Germany, France, Spain, and South Africa. Got lots of pledges and trust everyone will like the connector enough to send money. Make check payable to Purple Computing.

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