Status: First Open Project

(The GPS40/45 connector project)

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TGI Friday: 12JAN96 5pmPZT

I got Ardel to stop laughing long enough to get a good start at a data base. She enterd your names and addresses from a quick makeshift list I had made in a rush. (I was planning on a dozen or two...) Anayway, now we can sort by country, and zip code. We can count (for the "beans" page), and most important I can print mailing labels. We are learning MS Access ... it is very cool. Over 85 of you are entered so far, and Ardel said she is about half done. If she is right, we must have over 150 orders from you guys... in 5 days.

Todays video

... same process as yesterday, almost. I hate to take time away from making the mold to show the mold but several cool guys have said they really like the progress reports, so ... to share progress slows progress but that is OK because it gives me more time to think about what I am going to do next. And I get to learn a bit more about this network stuff.

Mold making is not my profession, it is more of a quest. An adventure. A challange. Guess what? I turned on the dryer! ABS will be dry in 3 hours. Oh, and Joe (a professional mold maker in Medford) donated 100 lbs of black ABS for the "Open Project" !!!!!! thanks Joe, from everyone. Wow, we have free ABS to make the free connectors! Very cool. If I don't get side tracked I may be able to test it tonight! This is the "hold your breath" time.

mold JPG image

dahhh,whaaa...... back to the MOLD.

Go see mold photo with new cap.