GPS40/45 connector status

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Update: Thursday: 11JAN96

Today I got my girlfriend to help "check in". At about 11am she found 24 requests in the queue. And I thought it was slowing down... guess not.

Todays video

... same process as yesterday. Thanks for all your comments, ... I promise I WILL FINISH THIS MOLD! I actually cut a pocket this morning, on the CNC. Go see my best yet mold photo.

mold JPG image Try to do this with a manual (hand crank) milling machine. It would take skills and knowledge that I sure do not have. The cutter in the photo is a "3 flute tapered end-mill with a 3 degree taper". Taper is a good thing to have if you want the plastic part to come out of the mold without using a hammer. This new cavity is for making the "cap" of the connector which will hold the 4 pins from falling out of the main body. (And I thought I was almost done....) The problem is that I'm spending a lot more time and effort thinking about the MEDIA and the potential MESSAGE than working on finishing the MOLD! But maybe it's OK since maybe it's actually all inter-related somehow and I got a feeling all this (the internet, eMail, and all) is going to change everything! I don't know how but I sure want to go along with it and see and think this is one way to participate - even if just in a tiny small way, 'cause I think it's about people - more than the technology.

...... back to the MOLD larry! (If I had a Boss, I would have been FIRED by now.).