GPS40/45 connector status

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Update: Wednesday, 10JAN96

About 65 requests so far...add a few more countries,... more on this later... Free is a good thing! So many have volunteered to send "something" as a "thank you" I decided to ship to everyone, even International (except Bora-Bora) ..... so far, do not send anything yet ... thanks,, .... wait for the parts to be made, ... who knows, I may crush the mold testing it, go nuts and fly the ultralight to Hawaii. I really enjoy reading the e-mails, some have gone into the "very cool" mail box for a longer response at some future post-mold date.

I dug out my old camcorder and took a video of the mold

Then I hooked it up to my new Snappy and "snapped" a "photo" of the video, and here it is... The mold could be done by now if I wasn't playing with all these cool computer toys! NOTE: Go here to see: another mold photo.

mold JPG image On the left is the "B" plate, above it is the ejector plate with 4 return pins in the corners and a few ejector pins, the other plate is the "A" side. In the center of the "A" plate is the main sprue (MS Word 7.0 didn't have this word, my old 10 pound dictionary has: (1880) 1 : the hole through which metal or plastic is poured into the gate and thence into a mold ) and just below it is the connector cavity with key and 4 insert pins. The stuff located above the main sprue is for an old project. It's all called a 5x5 MUD insert (aluminum) and it fits (with spacers) in my 5x8 MUD base which is semi-permanently bolted into my 88 ton Arburg press. MUD lets cool guys change molds quickly by creating a standard. Joe makes the 5x5 MUD insert blanks for me out of aluminum.

I checked the e-mails at 2pm... about 15 more requests since 8pm last night .... down from 2 per hour to about 1 per hour.

Several of you have some very cool ideas, especially for International shipping. More later ..... Day 3 ...

9/96 update: Thanks goes to: Kalle of South Africa who suggested how I might spell "sprue" so I fixed that and added the dictionary definition since it was at hand. (my prior spelling since 1/96 was "sprew" which is not in any dictionary I can find, ... another first?)