Free stuff status

IPO: 1/8/96 ... oldest info at the bottom of the page.

GPS 45 connector mold 01/10/96 Link forward in time...

GPS 45 connector.

Over 50 requests so far.... average 2 per hour. ... Norway, Switzerland, SWEDEN, England, Australia, a bunch from Canada, ... what no Bora-Bora?... don't you even think about it. If it ever slows down I'll work on the mold, I did get in 2 hours on it today... and it looks good.

One cool thing about the net pages here is if you read it, it's your fault! Not mine! So I'm free to babble on, you are the customer, you choose!

------Mold progress:

The "A" side main cavity, "key way" insert (since I do not have a EDM... am looking for a used small one) , the 4 pins, and ejector pin are done and ready. The 4 pins "shut-off" real nice. (That's mold talk). Next I'll do the other "easy" cavity and its 4 insert pins and its ejector(s)... should be a snap... ah, no we will be screwing it together. I have 9,000 extra little ones that are just perfect. All dimensions look good. The "B" side is done. It's in a MUD (big shop extra cool mold talk). Speaking of cooling... I don't think it will need it.... we'll just run it.... its such a cool part it doesn't need any extra cooling.

-----International will ship! (I think I lost it)

Wait a minute, INTERNATIONAL? Forget it! Do you know what that will cost? I must be nuts! What an idiot? Somebody was not thinking, ME! I feel like I fell into a big pile of _______. Hold on, it will be OK, you can grow stuff with all this ______.... maybe .... read on.


Many of you have said you will "send something" for my expense and trouble ... well .... very cool ...., Why? Because I think I'll ship ALL the orders(except Bora-Bora). I don't know yet what it is going to cost. My product "cost" for the connector is just my time and my girl friends time. And then there is the shipping cost. One guy thought the gold pins cost a bunch... wrong.. well about one cent. The ABS is $1 (USD for you international GPS cool guys) a pound. The screw about 5 cents.... could be the most expensive part. (American slang could work a good joke here).

-----Garmin is cool.

The 45 is major cool. The reason Garmin, or anyone for that matter, needs to charge a list price of like $30 is because it costs a lot to process the order and collect the money. Order processing is expensive.

-----How I will pay for all the shipping

If just half you guys send me a few bucks like you offered to, it could cover the costs of shipping the international stuff. Could happen. So I will ship to everyone (except Bora-Bora!) and see what happens.

-----Is this new or am I in for another of lifes lessons?

A new way of distributing super low cost items? When the cost of processing the transaction is more than the cost of the item... well, you tell me. We need cyber cash! Oh, and a lot of trust that seems to be in short supply.... Cyber cash is on the way, Trust I don't know.

----- Only you have the answer

For now, as a group, with enough generous guys in it, we can ALL get cool stuff for a very cool, you decide, price ..... as long as it works... Day 2 ... I'm still here ...

This gives the customer total control over the success or failure of a product, or a company, or a ...... I think that could be good. This NET could make it possible. Wow, wonder if it could work for other things?.... stop larry, go work on the mold!

----- Its only day 2

A few things may come of this experiment. One, Garmin may include the connector with the unit in the future. And/or some enterprising cool guy will go into the cable business.... I'll supply the connectors to him or her, come on girls where are you? ... if you had a GPS you would "know".

-------------------------old stuff from 1/8/96 Well, lets see how NAFTA helps shipping, It's been a while for me. I'll get to work on the mold first chance I get... it's very close to being done... like a "good" hour in the shop. That's been the trick lately, finding that hour. So, after I find the hour ... or so... could turn into 5, then I warm up the machine and give it a try... Black ABS is in the hopper and needs 3 hours to dry. Once I shoot some, I'll drop the pins in, screw the top on and see how it fits... if all goes well, I'll shoot a bunch for you guys and ask my girlfriend Ardel to package the parts into kits and mail them off. I will not solicit anything from you guys so if you are cool you will send a few bucks to offset all this trouble. ... like a tip in a cool restaurant, or public TV, ... can you believe it, I sent them money! I watched free for 10 years, then figured it is really good, so I sent them a "catch up" check.