What is a Pfranc?
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What's a Pfranc'?

It is short for:

(P)OP (Franc)hisee.

It is pronounced "frank", as in "lets be frank".
But I use "Pfranc" in sentences the same way as I would "franchisee", "distributor", or "my friend". POP is an acronym for Purple Open Project. Purple is the name of my company (since 1983) and "Open" is the cool new way of the internet.

There are 2 rules of Pfrancdom that guide Pfrancs: See Pfrancs rules.

Websters defines Franchise as ...... go see for yourself here:
Our Pfrancs are ordinary people --- almost like "Frank" of Nortel. Nortel first introduced Frank in a TV ad October 2000. They wanted to tell everyone about Frank like e-business. Here is a photo of "Frank" from the ad: It's a great ad, you can go to: Nortel networks web page and see it on-line! I thought it was funny because we've been putting "a Pfranc face" on our web site since 1996! "e-business to be more - human", wow, that's it! That's what Pfranc.com is about! People! Not computers. Wouldn't it be cool if our presents on the net influenced the idea for the Nortel ad? Nah. But who knows? It is getting to be a pretty small (and frank) world. How's that song go? "...come together, right now, over me". I transcribed all the words from the Nortel "Frank" TV ad here. Just for pFun.
Early 1996 I needed a word and didn't like "Distributor", so I considered Team, Confederate, Guild, almost went with League, but then ran into Franchise. At first I hated it because I thought it meant owning a fast food restaurant. But I looked it up anyway and learned that I hated it for the wrong reason. Hmmm, this never happens with other things, does it? I discovered that "franchise" is related to words like "free" and "liberty", so wow, cool, this was meant to be, the direction, the direction I'm being driven in ... again. If the word fits use it, if it is too long, shorten it. New word for a new thing. Base of word is vast and interesting and .... means something. Look up "frank" too:

A Pfranc helps me acheive: "The Purpose". The purpose is simple and clear, however, working on it and acheiving it is not. The way to accomplish the purpose has evolved. The purpose of POP #1 is: To get Garmin connectors from my molding machine to anyone who needs one fast and easy. How we do that continues to evolve. If you have any ideas, let us have 'em!

All Pfrancs Have a Garmin GPS, wanted a DIY plug, are comfortable with E-mail, the internet, and English; they got 2 plugs from me, were so impressed with the idea of Pfrancdom they asked to become a Pfranc. Pfrancs enjoy helping people, check their e-mail often, and will send two plugs for just a pledge to anyone who asks. Pfrancs know the language(s), culture, customs, and system in their country. They understand what Pfrancdom is about and are able to translate and represent the purpose and philosophy of Pfrancdom to people in their country. They are emissaries of Pfrancdom. Many Pfrancs are retired and enjoy Pfrancdom as a pastime that keeps them involved with other people who own a GPS. Others recognized Pfrancdom as an opportunity to grow a business - and several did!

Then in 1998 we decided to not add/replace any more Pfrancs and to have only one per country. Long story. Maybe I'll tell it someday. Being Pfranc has become a life long thing it turns out.

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