You found a home made page about my home made Garmin GPS connector, plug for data, power, or data/power cable, everybody likes it. Got a Garmin GPS? Surf on in!
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How/Why POP started.

I liked my new Garmin GPS-45 hand held GPS receiver and wanted to connect it to my PC computer but I could not find the connector anywhere and I did not want to pay $30 for a Garmin cable which was just a connector with some wire (no connector on the other end, just wires!) I discovered that the connector is proprietary and not available anywhere except with the cable ... so, with lots of help from my friends, I designed and tooled a GPS connector.

We made a plastic injection aluminum mold with a Bridgeport CNC milling machine and ran it in our 88 ton Arburg injection molding machine .

I needed only 5 connectors, but the Arburg molding machine makes a connector every 11 seconds and I got talking on the phone while it was running in the other room for about an hour. I was new to the internet, had nothing to say, so I offered my 400 extra connectors to GPS-45 owners, found out the net reached outside the USA, and ended up mailing all the connectors all over the world to cool people, for FREE! I didn't realize how much work it was to take the request, address the envlopes, count out pins, bag all the parts, stuff the envelopes, keep track of everything or you could piss someonoe off, and then pay for everything including the postage! For free! I was even dumber then than I am now but people helped me and everyone really liked what I was doing and more e-mails kept coming in. I did not want to make more ( there are actually other fun things to do here ) but so many people kept asking and then began to pledge ... many pledged $10 for one connector and more than one told me I restored their faith in humanity (gee what?, a little connector did this?) so I had to make more and I will do mybest to continue with the help of our Pfrancs.

If this project can grow and support itself and along the way restore peoples faith in humanity, wow, then it is worth it and must be done. I've been reading some about William Edwards Deming (10/14/00 - 12/20/93) so now every time I sign off with "mybest," ... I think about what it means a bit, then do it.

If you know how to make Pfrancdom live and prosper beyond my life, please contact me.

mybest, larry,

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IPO: 8/8/96

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