Larry's pPlug. For GPS 45,II,III, etc. (Drawing by Pfranc Ivo Stiner, 3/01) for a Garmin GPS -- Plugs-for-a-Pledge, The first ShareHardware project!
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We (me and Ardel) send plugs-for-a-pledge.
Easy as 1,2,3.

  • 1) You ask,
  • 2) We send,
  • 3) AFTER you are happy, honor your pledge.

Click here for quantity pricing if you need more than two.

Click on a plug:
For eTrex and eMap (Drawing: Ivo Steiner 3/01) for: eMap
®, etrex®, and geko ,

"The flat one", A newer version of the above - for eTrex, geko, etc.

rPlug - for the Garmin RINO. for the RINO
NOTE: diameter the size of a pencil (7mm) 1/4 inch.

And plugs for other Garmin models, ( 1/2 inch round plug with 4 or 5 pins ): Please read the rest of this page to learn about our pPlug : For GPS 45,II,III, etc. (Drawing by: Ivo Steiner 3/01) for a pledge and then click on FIND MY PFRANC .

Garmin's connector is molded onto a cable.   A "U-install" connector did not exist until I made a mold in 1996. It was a crazy thing to do because I needed just a few, but now with Pfrancs worldwide to help, you can still get one or two. You are at the right place if you want to build a cable for a Garmin GPS -- read on. If however you want to buy a ready-made cable - see Where-to-buy-cables.   If neither, then go to-another-place.

We'll send you THIS!
Here's my thumbnail photo of our plug (the first P in Pfranc is silent like Pfister and pFun) which fits the Garmin 12, 12xl, 38, 40, 45, 48, 60C, 60CS, 72, 76, 89, 90, 92, 96, 176, 196, 295, GPS II, II+, III, III+, V and Street Pilots (not the 2610)   I made a mold for my Arburg molding machine here in my little shop next to a river in the woods, just for fun. Then built a global distribution "Pfranc" (pronounced Frank) network to get them from my molding machine to internet pledging pFriends fast and easy.
Not all Pfrancs have PURPLE Pplugs so you may get black, and they won't look like the photo above because after making 35,000 parts the mold wore out, so I spent all the pledge money and them some to hire a world class professional mold maker to make a serious production mold.   We include 4 gold socket pins and the screw.   We ship them to Pfrancs around the world so you can get one or two fast-n-easy.

If you do This:
1) Make a pledge (a promise to send money (or things) if you are happy with our service) and e-mail it to a Pfranc in your state/country.   Click here: find-my-Pfranc.   The pledge amount includes shipping to your door, often in one or two days!
2) After it arrives, decide how satisfied you are with our service, then honor your pledge to your Pfranc.   You can send more if you are more (or less if less) happy than you thought you'd be.   You can honor your pledge with any amount at anytime during your lifetime but don't wait too long because you could forget and someday find yourself feeling bad and not know why. The new record is 10 years!
3) Go here to see how to assemble our connector and make a cable.
. . . .   Thanks!

Look! A glow plug! Photo taken in a dark room with a Casio QV-8000 at F3.2 for 16 seconds with no light source other than the plugs themselves. The pFun things you can do with an injection molding machine.

More about all This?
This is the first Purple Open Project (POP), and people tell me, the first ShareHardware project ever!  So how can we make such a big deal over a little plastic part?  Why do people choose a Garmin GPS because of us?  Why do people love what we're doing?  So much so that they send us money and say things like: "You restored my faith ..."?  Wow! This simple idea and little plastic part can do all that?   The answer is: (revised 4/03) Yes! But it's not because or about us, it's because and about you! When you honor a pledge - it happens. All we do is make stuff, learn stuff, and tell people what we learn.

POP #1 Current shipping status, letters from customers, complete project history.     My GPS plug story how/why/when did all this happen? my home page. ---- Click here to learn more about the evolution of Pfrancdom and what makes a Pfranc pfranc.