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Larry's e Plug for the Garmin eMap, eTrex, geko. A sharehardware project from:
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If you want a different Garmin connector, click on this: for GPS45, II, III, etc. (drawing by: Ivo, Pfranc of Czech Republic, 3/01) Pplug.

image by Ivo, Pfranc of the Czech Republic Click here for more info on our new "flat one".
We made a new "e" type plug called e2Plug. People call it "the flat one". It's become so popular a copy mold was made by someone in China! (but even though it looks the same it's made with ABS and not nearly as good, but who said "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" - ha, I'm flattered. )

Most Pfrancs have it in stock, click here to find a Pfranc with e2Plugs in stock in over 20 countries!

Not everyone is happy with my ePlugs:-( See the reported problems here. AND - the plugs are sent unassembled! And they are not easy to put together - please see the assembly hits/help here.

Garmin does not make a U-install type plug for their new eTrex or eMap GPS's so if you want one, you have to, um, make your own!   So I made my own and will send one or two to you if you want. I call my version: ePlug.   I think $15 for 2 delivered to your door is a great deal!   But you will decide -- after you get them!   If disappointed, send less.   If, on the other hand, our Pfranc service exceeds your expectation, feel free to send more!  Click on this link here to find your Pfranc., and here to see how to assemble my plug and make a cable.

We have OEM quantity pricing here.

More ePlug development and project history can be found here. ... don't miss my DIY pin cutter.

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