Cables for your Garmin GPS.
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Update: 2011, March. Here I list a bunch of really great companies and sources of information, enjoy!

If you want to make your own cable and need just a Garmin plug - go to here: [Larry's Plugs]

Pfranc Cable Distributors around the world! > > > Pfrancs in 27 countries stock at least one of our cables! Click here for the list: Then click on your country and see what other items your Pfranc has.

USB-to-Garmin -via- a USB converter and a Pfranc cable.

Blue Hills Innovations connects Garmins to (about) every thing possible with over 50 different cables listed! Highly recommended by all! (Dave is a friend and a Pfranc.)

Many Pfrancs located in many countries around the world stock and sell our ready made Pfranc cables and custom cables too.

Ron Wolfe has made the most Garmin cables - except for Garmin!  if you want one cable or a thousand, this is the place: Wolfe's GPS Accessories

Jason is making a lot of cool things using our plugs and cable parts, Garmin-to-Garmin cables, cables for APRS, and more... check it out.

MAC cables and GPSy software from the author of GPSy and all round great person & creator,   Karen Nakamura. Ask for the Purple deal.( you never know ).   Karen has made lots and lots of cables.

And of course don't forget eBay. I think having more choice of cables is a good thing. Lots of folks making lots of different cables for many different needs. Many will do custom cable work for you. Creativity and fair compeition is a wonderful thing and makes the world a better place. Seller's beware. The internet is makeing the world a buyers market!

Official Garmin Dealers:

Check out TVNAV.COM, tell Darrel you found him at

Let me know if you'd like me to list a link to you here. This page gets a bunch of visitors each day.

"Get a GPS or get lost!" ... who first said that? Couldn't have been too long ago.

We've all heard: "buyer beware" but what about seller beware? Caveat venditor. Thanks Michael O'Quinn for the Latin. (lhb 01/10/01 ... is when I first thought to think of this.) The message is: The internet makes it possible for one unhappy customer to tell every potential future customer in the world about a vendor, the one who must "beware" is now the vendor. Caveat venditor. On 1/10/01 I could not find any references to it, but now (8/18/02) a google search produces 614 pages that contain "Caveat venditor".

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