Larry's e2Plug. For GPS 45,II,III, etc. (Drawing by Pfranc Ivo Stiner, 3/01) for a Garmin GPS -- Plugs-for-a-Pledge.

You know, I've made over 800,000 of these plugs in the last 14 years - how about that? - QUANTITY PRICES click here. - as always, samples are FREE!

I will send 2 of these plug kits to you for free! - I do ask that you pledge something in return but only if you find yourself happy with our service.

Kits include two plastic parts (made of Lexan here in my small shop), spring ring, and 4 gold plated terminal pins. I'm the Pfranc ("Frank" distributor) of Oregon, USA, and I will send 2 kits to you anywhere in the world, however we have Pfrancs in many countries so please check with your local Pfranc for the best service: CLICK HERE!

A "U-install" connector did not exist so I made a plastic injection mold in 1996. My machine can make 3,000 per day but I didn't want to "sell" them so we built a world wide distribution network we call "Pfrancdom" (P is silent, pronounced "Frank") to deliver plugs from my molding machine to your door for just a pledge that you honor only if you're really happy.