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Larry's Casio PC Link Cable

US Patent # 5,504,864 ...... ha! I made almost a $million with a little help from my patent.

Cables for Radio Shack Pro-92, Pro-93, Pro-95, Pro-96, Pro-2067, ICOM IC-R2, R10, Yaesu FT-50R, ICOM IC-Q7 go to : HERE!

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Our Casio PC-link cable connects CASIO Calculator, Digital Diary, and CASIO Digital Camera to a PC.

FREE software from CASIO, to download programs and games to your CASIO Calculator (NOT the Diarys!).

Shareware from IMSL, to backup your CASIO Digital Diary to your PC then send your data to a Palm or Handspring.

Shareware from Beausoft to load photos from CASIO Digital Camera to a PC!

DD-Link software for all the Casio digital diaries, - by Babos Software in Hungary! Zoltan supports my cable!

I designed the original Casio PC-link cable in 1986 and licenced it to Traveling Software. Over 20 years it evloved and won two patents and was copied by countless others. Casio bought about a million cables in that time and I got a royalty for each one, and supported it all the way. Well, it's finally over now. Casio doesn't buy them anymore and we have about 900 left here in Oregon.

It connects all Casio digital products (with 2.5mm size plug) to a PC or a Mac. Casio calls this cable SB-87, SB-125, SB-150, and SB155. Other designations when software was included are: FA-120, FA-121, FA-122, FA-126, FA-127, FA-127W. It works with all QV- Casio Digital Cameras, Label Printers, Calculators, and the following list of Casio products:
Click here to see the additional BOSS and Digital Diary models supported.

We make just the cable not the software you'll need.   Below are links to freeware, shareware, and commercial software.

IMSL (makers of Casif/WIN) makes the best software for exchanging data between your Digital Diary and a PC. (this software is not for Cameras or Calculators)


(update: 2005, oops, Casio quit buying the cable so I assume they quit selling them too. ? )

Suggest list price: $29.99

U.S.A. ===>: PCCABLES.COM Product search: 87020 (Only: $17.95!!!)

Scandinavia: Clover.se (Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland).
New Zealand and Australia: Pfranc Bruce
United Kingdom: Pfranc Norma

More information about our PC-Link cable and a list of Pfrancs who stock it can be found here.


For the best BOSS shareware, Click on the yellow box: IMSL logo
NOTICE! Download Casif/WIN and see that it's the most awesome cool software you can find anywhere at any price! The un-registered version is full featured but restricts the number of records you can transfer! (Ian quit his day job and supports Casif/WIN full time!) - So try it out, then order our cable with Casif/WIN.   Casio used to sell our cable with TSI software in a nice box for $125.00 !

MAC software called CasioTalk can be found at:
This address was sent to me by Ralph.Naess@ci.seattle.wa.us thanks Ralph!

Software for the Casio QV- Cameras!

For awesome cool software ... click on this here:

And here too: Leading Edge Designs Web site.

When Casio came out with the first successful mass produced digital camera in 1994, the QV-10, they used our cable. The same one we designed and built for their PDA's in 1988. The QV- camera sales took off and Casio included our cable in everyone sold in the USA. The QV-10 and QV-11 were (and still are) the coolest and most fun high tech toy I have ever owned. I still have my QV-10A and still use it. I have a QV-8000sx too but the QV-10 is smaller, lighter, simpler, and easier to use. It's a clasic. The Model-T of digital cameras.

Software for Casio Calculators!

Calculator to PC communication software: FA-122 software and here is maybe a better one called FA-123 at Casio page in Japan.

Go here for CFX-9850G and combatibles information:

< oops bad link-a href="http://www.casiocorner.rpd.nl/" target="_top"> VISIT THE CASIO CORNER

Software for licensed veterinary personnel... Free Casio™ Veterinary Graphing Calculator Programs by Andrew Scott. Pretty cool.

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