Larry's two way PC-ScannerLink Cable

US Patent # 5,504,864 ...... a giant Taiwan company making copy cables told me to take my patent and stick it,...More whining here..
Stop! Good news! One larger more respectable company is acknowledging and respecting my patent now! Horay! Honor exists!

Our cable works with the Pro-96, Pro-95, Pro-93, Pro-92, Pro-2067, Pro-2053, IC-R2, IC-R5 and possibly other scanners(using compatible software).


You can buy cable and/or software from
Check out these specific websites:

Pro-95, Pro-96, and Pro-93 Cable
Pro-92 Software & Cable
Icom IC-R2 Software & Cable
Icom IC-R5 Software & Cable

Oops... Casio (Tokyo) stopped buying them from us, and Blackbad did too - so we stopped making them. We have about 600 of the PC-Link cables left (2.5mm stereo), and about 800 of the PCL35M's (3.5mm mono - two way Pro-93,93,95,96 and IC-R2 type).

Other Software: tk92 - Experimental Software for Radio ShackŪ PRO-92 and PRO-2067 Scanners
tk2 - software for the IC-R2. The software is FREE and and works on Linux, MacOS X, BSD, and Windows!
Don Starr. win92,win93,win95 for the Pro-92, Pro-93 and Pro-95 scanner software.

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International distributors:
Scandinavia (Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland).
New Zealand and Australia

Our USB-Serial Converter allows any of the cables to be used with a USB port.

Technical hardware problems/questions about my cable: Click here.

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We no longer sell these cables directly but now only through distribution and retail resellers.

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