Cables for Garmin GPS
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Not in the USA? - List Pfranc distributors in 25 countries who sell cables made with Pfranc plugs.

Custom cables can be made by many Pfrancs! Just ask 'em!

OEM and volume pricing is HERE.

If you don't see lots of cables listed above maybe you have JavaScript turned off, please check here: List all Pfranc products. - thanks! DO YOU eBAY? - we don't sell on eBay but several very reputable vendors sell Pfranc cables on eBay and are so successful they always have the latest versions and the lowest prices. Just [x]Search title and description for "Pfranc".

How to make your own iPaq Combo Cable: CLICK here.

Connect a PDA (Palm, HP, Jornada, etc) to your Garmin -- list is here.

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